Interactive Attic Fun CD ROM

There ’s never a dull moment in Treasure Attic ® with Peepers, Bunny Big Word, and Uncle Jim!

Interactive Attic Fun is overflowing with stimulating activities, including:
- 12 different puzzles, each in 3 levels of difficulty.
- Treasure Chest - Seven original illustrated interactive stories, with narration in your choice of English, Spanish, or Portuguese.
- Coloring pages to print out for hours of coloring fun.
- Seven sing-along songs (the children will learn by following the text as it appears on the screen).
- Mini-dictionary game.
- Interactive mini-atlas.
- Dress-up closet game.

Interactive Attic Fun is an activity-filled wonder that entertains while it teaches. It also includes stories, music videos, games, puzzles, painting, and loads of fun. And some great video and audio clips from attention-grabbing Treasure Attic shows.

Price: Can$25.00

What is Treasure Attic?

Treasure Attic is a live-action, fun-filled, educational entertainment series created for an international audience of children from two to eight years of age. The music is catchy, the visuals are captivating and the lessons are action-packed! Treasure Attic meets the need for children’s educational entertainment. Each episode is a 25-minute gold mine of fun!
A total of 29 shows formatted for television broadcast.

Who lives there?

Uncle Jim, the energetic and never-a-dull-moment host, along with his comical, lovable puppet friends: Peepers, the ever-learning sheepdog, and his pal, the ever-studious Bunny Bigword. Occasionally they are joined by Bunny Bighop, the eccentric explorer and world-hopper and Penny, Peepers’ funny and emotional sister. You’ll also meet Sparky, Arfie, Snowflake, Beauty, and the Food Dudes! Someone is always popping up!

What do they do?

They have lots and lots of big-time fun and they’re always on the go!-A carnival, an island, the airport, a lecture, a filming studio, a castle, a radio station, a farm, a campground, a party, and even the moon!

Also, each Treasure Attic show offers three to four music video songs for kids.
And most importantly, they learn numerous things like how to get along with others, how to overcome shyness, how to settle disputes, what to do when a new sibling is introduced into the home, building self-esteem, showing courtesy, and so on.-And on the practical side: travel and home safety tips, cleanliness, nutrition facts, health tips, environmental awareness, new vocabulary words, simple multiplication, how to draw, and much more!

Price Can$18.00

Great Adventures

Two sixty-minute CDs chock full of favorite Bible stories from both the Old and New Testaments. Engaging narrative and lively songs with full musical accompaniment. A must have!

Price: Can$15.00

Great Adventures 1---
Great Adventures 2 ---






Coloring the World

An exciting selection of 19 original songs that emphasize kindness, friendship, honesty, appreciation and much more!
Featuring songs from the award winning children's video series Treasure Attic and Fantastic Friends. Children and adults alike will be delighted with the lively melodies and meaningful lyrics!

Price: Can$15.00 ---


I Like to Dance

Featuring songs from the award winning children's video series Treasure Attic, the brilliant beats of these 18 great songs cover self-esteem, peer pressure, mutual respect, global awareness and lots more! A contemporary addition to your children's audio collection.
Price: Can$15.00 ---


Sweet Dreams Tonight

Snuggle up to the calm and soothing sounds of this charming collection of 18 songs. A perfect way of serenading little ones to slumber with lullabies that make bedtime easy.
Price: Can$15.00 ---


Be So Happy

Join the fun with tunes that teach! A catchy collection of 25 songs meeting the needs of today's children. Social skills, positive attitudes and much more wrapped in lovable lyrics. Featuring songs from the award winning children's video series Treasure Attic and Kiddie Viddie.

Price: Can$15.00


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